Our company BP Steel was founded in 2010. We have a dominant position on the regional market in the field of production and trading of building steel. Our production is running in 3 production plants  with floor space up to 5000 m2. On another 1800 m2 we have a logistic warehouse. The manipulation is provided by 3 cranes with lifting capacity of 25t.

Commercial activities

We offer a full range of steel products.

  • Steel beams,
  • steel profiles L, U, IPE, INP, HEB, HEA,
  • steel hollow sections welded,
  • hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel coils and plates,
  • Building steel in bars and coils,
  • welded steel into concrete,
  • galvanized steel

We offer a cutting of our products based on the customer request. A different lengths and widths are available. A possibility of delayed payments of 30 up to 60 days depending on the customer’s rating. The costs of spedition are included in the price.

Building steel processing

We offer a complex building steel processing using the industrial lines and tools from Schnell as well as production of rebar steel cages. New industrial lines provide the cutting, bending and welding of building steel with high efficiency and excellent waste management and guarantee the best possible price offers for customers. The new line for rebar steel cages produces from 200 to 1200 mm diameter and 16m length and we can provide a fluent production process with short delivery times for our customers. Also, we can offer a cutting of steel coils and plates up to thickness of 40 mm with Schnell cutting and bending tools. New and modern equipment makes our production more effective and add to our customer’s satisfaction.


A complete building steel processing using the modern lines and tools in line with project documentation

  • Cutting,
  • Bending,
  • Bundling,
  • Reinforcing,
  • Rebar steel cage production,
  • Steel profiles cutting

We can offer a transportation of the material directly to the building location using a trucks with 17t hydraulic hand